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Joan Didion is well-known for her novels of social exploration and cultural chaos. 

Little is known about Joan's private life, until now - a documentary We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live invites us into the world of Joan, through her own writing and words.

The documentary, made possible through a Kickstarter campaign, includes interviews with fellow artists, writers and actors such as Patti Smith, Anne Leibovitz, Liam Neeson and Anna Wintour.

'After hours of watching her read and reflect it became clear that we could not stop there–we had to do something much larger and deeper. Storytelling was a way of enduring the potent rawness Joan experienced through life, and through loss. Now we must be the ones to preserve this. To preserve her legacy...'

For news and updates on the making of Joan's film - follow the official Twitter page.

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THIS IS MY CITY | Samantha Hillman's Byron Bay

Samantha Hillman - the brains and beauty behind food blog Le Pirate - has just bid Australia farewell for a sunny European sojourn, and after that, New York, New York. But before she left our shores she lived in Byron Bay (and its surrounds) in northern New South Wales. Shamefully we have a limited knowledge of Byron, but seeing her many instagrams at various farmers markets, beachy enclaves and fantastic cafes inspired us to take a trip. Byron Bay really is one of those best-kept-secret Australian locations. This is Byron, by Sam.

 All images | lepirate instagram

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THIS IS MY CITY | Kara-Joy Rickard's Auckland

Kara-Joy Rickard is one half of Auckland radio station George FM 's drive program and a great friend of ours. She lives in Auckland with her two children and her husband, and we love the guide that she shared with us. Our last Auckland guide was from almost two years ago, by Sherie Muijs (see her guide to Berlin here). It's nice to have a little update, full of bakeries and cakeries, shopping spots and places to explore. This is Auckland, by Kara-Joy.

 Te Henga | Source

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